Asphalt Paving Installation Process

Asphalt is a great material if you want to get a driveway or a parking lot done. It can be helpful to learn what the asphalt paving installation process is so that you can determine if it is going to work for you. Taking the time to learn about the process can demystify it and make it a bit easier to understand as well, and Austin Affordable Asphalt is here to help!

What Is the Asphalt Paving Installation Process?

The process starts with designing the space that is going to be asphalted. This means determining how it was going to be done, what size the space is, and any other things that need to be taken into account. This process is often done with AutoCAD software that can create a digital map of the area. The next step is demolition. If there is already something else in the space like a concrete driveway, it does need to be removed.

The space will then be graded so that it can have the right water drainage and help to prevent the area from degrading. Your sub-base will then be installed. This base is going to help support the asphalt and is going to help prevent the driveway from freezing and thawing. If there are curbs or sidewalks, the transitions will then need to be laid out. The base course will then be laid, and the wear course, or surface course, will also be installed.

The next step in proper asphalt services is going to be the compaction of the surface to make it flat and smooth, which will help you get your surface ready for use. The last thing that will be added is any striping or other things that need to be added. There are many asphalt paving methods that help you to get the best outcome possible.

What Is Asphalt Paving Installation?

Asphalt paving is a process by which a surface is created that can be driven on, where you can park and so on. Asphalt is made of a variety of materials that are then mixed with very small gravel and rocks to help make a solid surface that is going to be more durable overall.

Asphalt is great for roads, driveways, parking lots, basketball courts and so on. You can use this sort of paving in both residential and commercial settings. Finding the right paving company can help you make the most of your paving project, so contact us now!