Driveway Repair – When Is It Time To Call a Professional?

Freshly repaired driveway paved by Austin Affordable AsphaltThe thought of needing professional asphalt driveway repair can be overwhelming. However, the professional asphalt driveway repair process is not as daunting or expensive as it sounds. In fact, when you hire someone like Austin Affordable Asphalt to do the job, you will often save more time and money on the task than you would if you tried to perform the repair itself. Learn more about how professional asphalt driveway repairs are done and when you need to call one in.

Signs You Need To Call Professional Asphalt Driveway Repair Services

There is an old-school method of testing the cracks on your driveway to determine if it is time for driveway repair. This is the water method. If you have a crack in your driveway, pour some water on it. If the water beads and stays on top of the driveway, the crack isn’t a problem to worry about today. If the water goes through the crack and it does not surface, then water may cause damage to your driveway that is causing the cracks. This is a good sign that it is time to engage in the professional asphalt driveway repair process for a consultation on what is next.

There are different kinds of cracks to look for when you are worried about your driveway:

  1. Standard line cracks
  2. Alligator cracks – where the cracks look like alligator skin
  3. Edge cracks – where the cracks are lengthwise and are within the first few feet of the pavement
  4. Transverse cracks – cracks that are perpendicular to the curb or pavement of the road
  5. Block cracks – these look like blocks or rectangles

Any signs of these cracks are typically signs to call a professional for your driveway.

The Driveway Repair Process

For an effective driveway repair, you must clean the asphalt, fill the crack, and seal it. Every stage is as important. If the driveway is not cleaned properly, it won’t seal properly. A professional asphalt driveway repair process can ensure that each of these steps is performed correctly so that it does not need to happen again.

A professional can help scrub the driveway the way it needs to be done so that the filler and sealant will adhere to the asphalt. They will also know exactly how to fill each crack and to what consistency. When you look at the time and cost of doing the project yourself, including any do-overs you may have to do in the likely event of an error, a professional service is often the best choice.

Hire a Professional Asphalt Driveway Repair Service Today

It is easy to learn how professional asphalt driveway repairs are done, but it is not always easy to do it on your own. In the end, hiring a professional service can be less expensive in both time and money and get the job done better than you can. These are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a professional. If you are worried about your driveway, call a professional for an estimate to see if it is cost-effective for your budget. Contact us today!