5 Things To Know About Asphalt Maintenance During Winter

When it comes to asphalt maintenance in winter in Texas what to know the experts at Austin Affordable Asphalt of Austin have over 20 years of experience finding solutions to the unique seasonal conditions that can impact the condition of your pavement. With winter settling in, here are some best practices to follow to ensure your parking lot or driveway is prepared to handle different winter elements.

Things to Remember About Winter Asphalt Maintenance in Texas

Winter asphalt maintenance Tx involves a bit more TLC. Here are several things to keep in mind before the winter even gets here.
Asphalt Contractor Repairing Pavement in Austin, TX
Eliminate Debris

You should make it a priority to get rid of any debris from the surface of the asphalt pavement. Winter brings many challenges when it comes to being prepared for harsh elements such as ice and freezing rain. The best way to prevent any problems is by taking this very easy step. If you fail to leave debris to linger on top of your asphalt pavement, and winter storms come about, they will bond with one another and cause damage to your asphalt. Once winter has passed, you will be left with a full restoration project that can be extremely expensive.

Seal Cracks

Take a look at your asphalt surface to see if you identify any cracks. These cracks may have developed over time from traffic and other things. These cracks should be repaired right away prior to winter so they won’t cause any issues. If water gets into these cracks, you could end up with even more damage.

Seal the Surface

The best way to protect your pavement and reduce the amount of moisture that can get into the cracks is by sealing the surface. But, when seal coating your asphalt surface, you must only do so when the temperature is at least 50 degrees or higher. If you seal coat your pavement when temps are below 50 degrees, you could end up with more problems.

Fix Potholes

Potholes are unattractive and can also damage cars and cause people to get hurt. If you notice any potholes, you should have them repaired right away. This will prevent you from paying higher expenses for repairs later on. Pothole repairs are much less than paying to have your entire driveway repaired or parking lot resurfaced.

Check for Excess Water

Finally, don’t forget to check for pooling water on top of your pavement. You should constantly monitor your asphalt pavement during the winter months. Excess water can freeze, which could result in the development of cracks if the temps drop below freezing. Also, excess water is a sign of an issue with how your asphalt surface is draining. This problem alone can cost you a lot in repairs. For your asphalt maintenance needs, please contact us at Austin Affordable Asphalt today.