What Is Quality Asphalt Paving?

Freshly Paved Asphalt in Austin, TXNot all asphalt jobs are created equal. There is actually a lot that goes into creating a quality asphalt job. When choosing an asphalt company to work with, you need to be 100% sure that you are getting quality work from a professional like Austin Affordable Asphalt. Once the asphalt has gone down improperly, it is difficult to correct the mistakes. Let’s look at some factors that create a quality asphalt job.


Good asphalt services start with a good foundation. New paving should have a solid subgrade and a strong aggregate base to start with. A quality company will spend time making sure that loose, wet dirt has been removed. A compacted rock base should be installed to stabilize the earth and support the pavement above it when it is completed. If this step is not done properly, it will be no time at all before the pavement is worn down due to use and vehicles.

Transition Areas

Transition areas, unfortunately, are an aspect that is not considered until it is too late. We have all had the experience of entering uneven pavement. This is not a sign of quality paving. Transition areas are areas in the pavement that transition from one material to another or one section to another. When transition areas are not constructed properly, it will create an uneven, bumpy surface. This can be hard on vehicles entering the area. It can also pose a danger to pedestrians if it causes people to trip and fall.

If you are researching an asphalt company, visiting their past projects is a good idea. Look for smooth, polished transition areas.


Water is always a huge concern in any type of construction project. Water can have a very negative impact on asphalt paving. A quality asphalt company will take water drainage into consideration when completing a project. A quality company wants to ensure that the project lasts a long time. A quality job will incorporate a good slope to create proper drainage. This will help to keep water from pooling in areas that could cause damage.

Proper Asphalt Mix

The strength of any asphalt is determined by the mixture that is used. There are many ways to mix it, and different recipes are used. It is important to make sure the type being used is appropriate for the type of project you have. For instance, asphalt that will be used for vehicle traffic should be much stronger than that which will not be used for vehicles.


Another factor that will greatly affect the quality of your asphalt is the thickness. This is another detail that is dependent on how the asphalt will be used. The general rule is that the heavier the traffic, the thicker the asphalt layer will need to be.

Always Use Experts

You should put a good amount of research into your asphalt project to ensure you are working with experts who will provide you with a quality job. If asphalt goes down wrong, there are not many options for correcting it. You want the job done right, right from the start. Contact us to get started!